Supported Hardware

Control and manage WiFi APs from the cloud!



WiggleOS is an access point operating system that brings cloud management and monitoring functionality.

Wigglewifi is a cloud-based multi-vendor management software that controls WiFi access points running WiggleOS and proprietary vendor systems.

WiggleOS is available for many major hardware manufacturers, like TP-Link, D-Link, Linksys, Unifi, Open-Mesh, Meraki, Teltonika, Asus etc.

Great value: replaces expensive proprietary cloud controllers

Includes management software that runs in the cloud, customer servers or VMs

Full integration with captive portal to provide WiFi login, advertisements and reporting

Fast WiFi network roaming (802.11 k/v/r)

Zero-config, configure devices in advance and simply connect them in on site

Automatic WiggleOS updates

Can use third party captive portal and radius servers



  • Seamless WiFi Roaming – allow user roaming throughout the network without interruptions
  • Easy scaling – scale up any location just by adding new APs
  • Web Setup – manage your APs from the cloud
  • AP benchmark – check AP Status, Type, Performance, Memory, CPU…
  • Client isolation – prevent users on the public network from seeing each other
  • SSID configuration – configure SSID directly through HotspotOS
  • Restart AP – remotely restart your AP
  • Update AP – update AP from your web browser
  • System watchdog – corrects any issues and ensures continuous WiFi without interruptions
  • Whitelist configuration – configure domains to access the Internet without authentication
  • WiFi Channel configuration – choose optimal WiFi channel
  • TX Power – set transmission power

WiggleOS is fully integrated with Wigglewifi Cloud WiFi System and allows you to manage the settings of all APs in your WiFi network.

Check AP status, the number of connected users, bandwidth usage, update or restart AP, check memory and CPU condition directly from your browser.



Virtual controller coordinates, stores, and distributes all the settings required to provide a centralized functionality to manage the Wi-Fi network.

In a network with multiple APs, one AP will take the MASTER role and automatically control all other connected access points. If there is a network issue, the system will automatically correct the issue without interrupting connected users, or requesting user relogin.

Wi-Fi network roaming with 802.11k/v/r

WiFi networks with multiple access points will likely include roaming customers. WiggleOS supports optimized vendor roaming on enterprise Wi-Fi networks. 802.11 k/v/r protocol ensures fast roaming and continuous service when moving between the WiFi locations.

Clients will get Splash page only on the first authentication. VoIP applications can now take advantage of this improved roaming to deliver better call quality when users are moving.