Running a Guest House is a lot of work and the last thing you need is to have to worry about a reliable WiFi system at the same time.

A quick and reliable WiFi network throughout your premises nowadays is one of the most significant amenities when choosing the most suitable place to stay.

Excellent WiFi contributes to greater Guest satisfaction and loyalty, and higher TripAdvisor ratings.

Our system provides you with both an advanced WiFi network control and a reliable connection with all your Guests. It enables you to deliver video commercials and automatically sends special offers at pre-defined time intervals, which leads to an increase in guest satisfaction and a higher level of repeat business.

The system collects data and surveys, which provide objective feedback on Guest satisfaction. Using our built-in toolset you can boost your ratings on sites such as TripAdvisor and



The Wigglewifi solution is a cloud-based highly efficient and modern solution to Guest WiFi.

The system works on fast Microsoft Azure servers with high availability.

It provides centralised device management, with user WiFi network control, access methods settings, Guest accounts updates, extraordinary analytics and reports, easy network expansion.

It supports WiFi Access Points of the leading network brands: Aruba, Cisco, Ruckus, Ubiquity, Tp-Link, Mikrotik, Cradlepoint, D-Link, Asus, Meraki, Icomera, Open-Mesh, etc.

This means you don’t need to buy new hardware – simply apply our WiggleOS firmware to your existing Hardware and connect.



Upon accessing your WiFi network, a welcome page automatically translated into the Guests preferred language pops up on a device. You can easily customise the welcome page by setting the logo and background and the ways in which your Guests can access the Internet.

The Guest may select the one of the connection methods you choose to offer, like user login, access-code login, free trial access, paid or social login and start using WiFi. Once logged-in, they may be redirected to view their desired website or your web/Facebook page.

There is a possibility to include various features: free Internet, faster paid Internet, email and customer data collection, the access granted on entering room number and name, the access via social network accounts or having seen video commercials.

Each connected device is limited by download and upload speed, available bandwidth transfer, time allowance, so you can ensure excellent WiFi experience for all your users.

Having logged in, the customer can be sent a welcome email containing the basic information about your business, with special offers and local attractions included



Wigglewifi system precisely controls the Internet access speed, data transfer and the number of devices which a Guest can connect to WiFi.

Since streaming services, like YouTube and TikTok are in daily use, it is very important to limit individual access speeds, so all your Guests can get great WiFi.

The Guest is allowed to use multiple devices (1, 2 or more) per room, and for each device there is a customer usage statistics.

Business customers can be offered a higher Internet access speed, which can be paid by card at the reception desk, paid by card online through one of our many payment gateways, or granted for free, as a benefit available to members.

When a Guest connects to an access point, he will be logged in automatically.



Your WiFi network is the perfect channel to gather the opinions of your customers.

Gather valuable information about your customers, which can used for marketing purposes and to improve the quality of your services.

Surveys can be displayed on the initial login page, or sent in an email after a pre-defined time interval.

All the data are instantly available and are provided to you as legible analytics, without any paperwork.

Automatically follow up Guest surveys and remind them to post their comments on TripAdvisor and



Wigglewifi system allows you to set up one or more video or static image ads that will rotate each time when a customer connects to the WiFi. Offset your WiFi cost by displaying 3rd party ads from Suppliers. Our experience has shown that local restaurants and attractions are the most keen to purchase Advert space.

Video or static image advertisements can be created for individual products, brands or current sales promotions, offering discounts, coupons etc. which can be used immediately in an advertised venue (museum or attraction)

For each marketing campaign you will get analytics which includes the number of displayed advertisements, click through rates, how successful the campaign is, with PDF reports for the hotel manager.



In-house WiFi is an amazing tool to collect customer data and promote your offering. Email marketing campaigns enable you to send information and promotional emails to your users.

Send an email marketing campaign automatically after a preset time delay, when a customer connects or leaves the venue. Improve Guest satisfaction and increase revenue. Set automated Email reminders to visit venues or promote products.

Wigglewifi integrated newsletter editor enables you to insert images, text, links and other features, and assists you in creating stunning, attention grabbing emails. The campaigns can be sent to your target Guests immediately, or at a specified delivery time.



Social Login is a favourite WiFi access method for most customers since it enables them to log in to the Internet in just a few clicks, without any personal data required/ without entering any data.

Social WiFi is a powerful tool by means of which you can offer free WiFi to your Guests, and gather customers personal data that you can later use for marketing purposes.

When a Guest logs in to the system, there might be a message made public to their friends and followers on a social network, thus enabling you to reach new potential customers.


The reputation of your business is of paramount importance for potential Guests and TripAdvisor is dominant in this field.

The integration of the system with your TripAdvisor account enables you to automatically send an email to your Guest upon checkout.

Remind your Guests of pleasant moments they spent at your hotel and suggest that they write an online review that will help you boost hotel rating and Guest loyalty.

Those reviews are a valuable source of information to Guests when opting for a hotel, since 93% of Guests take these online reviews into consideration, whereas 53% wouldn’t book a hotel without the reviews.

The usage of our Cloud system provides the key data, such as an email address, so as to enable automated sending of a TripAdvisor review request email.



Even Guest Houses and B&Bs today extensively utilise Property Management Systems. The Wigglewifi system integrates over 30 PMS systems:, IDS, Protel, InnQuest, Medallion and 30 more.

It enables a Guest to log in to WiFi via room number and name, which completely automates the access and facilitates Guest access to the Internet.

Guest Internet access will be limited by Internet plan (download/upload), time, quota, expiration time, number of devices that can be connected. If a Guest needs higher speed, you can offer paid access posting the Internet plan charges directly to the Guest room.

Upon successful login, a Guest can be redirected to the hotel web site, special promotion, or the page containing his/her access data.



Ranging from basic data to advanced analytics, the system offers you graphical reports and a complete insight into how your WiFi network functions and the behaviour of your users on the Internet.

Get to know your Guests, find out what their habits are and prepare effective marketing campaigns.

Track Internet usage, set the limits to Internet plans, or set specific limits to individual Guests. Customer statistics have been divided into multiple reports which include loyalty, top users, time intervals, sex, age, and other demographic data.

Profile your Guests with ease, learn usage habits and prepare workable marketing activities.