WiFi Video Ads

Sell your WiFi Video Ad space and turn your guest WiFI into a PROFIT centre


WiFi Ads

Wigglewifi WiFi marketing solution helps you create ads and play them on the device connected to your customer WiFi.

After watching a video, the customer may go online, visit the special offer, complete registration form or take whatever action you desire.

Engage your guests with video or image ads and provide Free WiFi.

Location-based ads are among the best engagement motivators with high conversion rate.

WiFi Profit Centre

Sell Video Ad space on your WiFi!

Use your Guest WiFi as a Profit Centre. Charge suppliers to promote their products on your in-house WiFi and reap the profits. Wigglewifi Portal will provide full analytic feedback on the success of the video campaign, including the click-through rates stats, with a PDF report available for 3rd party advertisers.

In our experience in the Hotel & Restaurant business, Wine & Beverage suppliers are the most likely to pay for Video Ad spots in your venue.

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Video ads

Video for Access

Now you can combine any type of login form or set all of them on the Splash page and let your customers choose favourite login method.

Offer free WiFi access in exchange for watching an ad.

A minimum watching duration can be specified, after which the guest may skip the video and proceed to the landing page which may contain a special offer, registration or just a welcome note.

Those who are not interested can simply continue and enjoy FREE WiFi.

You’ll get detailed stats and analytics about who watched the video and when, total impressions and clicks. You can also compile reports for external advertisers.

Clean and easy!

Great WiFi Features

From R250/month

Promote your brands, products or specials in video format
Advertise to, and engage your captive audience
Tailor content on location basis
Play YouTube videos
Upload videos to the Wigglewifi platform
Sell your Video Ad Space