Customised Splash Pages

Immediately attract customers with a beautifully designed Splash page!

Great WiFi Features

From R250/month

Powerful Splash page editor that puts you in control
Choose from 40+ Splash Page templates
Add promotions or videos
Integrate with Social Media platforms
Deliver Customer Surveys
Multi-Language Support
Guest Wifi solutions - Brand new Splash Pages

Your Splash Page

The Splash page is the first thing your customer sees when they connect to your WiFi, it represents your brand, which is why we have put so much effort into making it look amazing.

With over 40 templates to choose from, it’s easy to make your splash page professional and add loads of features, to enhance your customers login experience.

Splash Page Templates

Our designers have prepared 48 Splash page templates, covering major industries ( Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Hotel, City, Transport, Bar, Retail, Night Club, Healthcare, Shopping mall. etc.), so you can just upload your logo and get started.

New splash pages

Splash Page Editor

The next generation page editor with improved Splash page editing capabilities is implemented in the new version of Wigglewifi Cloud WiFi software.

Now you can easily just drag & drop login forms above each other and change their order quickly.

Colour Changer

Easily change the button’s colour schemes of your Splash pages for each login method.

Create your own Splash pages colour palette from scratch by using the Colour changer and match the colour of the buttons with your logo and background design.


Colour Changer
dark mode

Dark Mode

The Dark mode is a new design feature that swaps the Splash page classic palette of light gray for darker shades that are designed to emit less glare at night.

Terms of Use

More than ever is required to notify users regarding Terms of Use under which service is provided.

Write your own Terms of Use or select some of the default TOS templates.

Users must accept Terms of Use to get Internet access.

New Terms
GDPR Contact

GDPR/POPIA Contact Permission

Require contact permission to be accepted or denied to comply with GDPR / POPIA consent requirements.

Choose one of the predefined texts to ask for consent.