AirBNB Solution

In the quest to provide the best possible experience to your Guests and to get the highest ratings in return, an excellent WiFi solution rates up in the top 3 items that Guests most commonly expect to be provided.

Of course it’s fairly easy to provide your own WiFi – just use the Access Point provided by your Internet Provider and give the Guests the password, right? Wrong! First off your Guests don’t really want to look for the WiFi password, secondly you are paying for your Internet but not utilising it to enhance your Guests stay, with Wigglewifi you CAN!

For a remarkably low cost of R250 per month, you can boost Guest Ratings by providing a Welcome page that points your Guests directly at an attractions web page. You will offer a really simple login solution, you can even SELL advertising space on your AirBNB WiFi to local Restaurants or attractions, often turning your Internet and WiFi expense into a PROFIT! Keep scrolling for more…



The Wigglewifi solution is a cloud-based highly efficient and modern solution to Guest WiFi.

The system works on fast Microsoft Azure servers with high availability.

It provides centralised device management, with user WiFi network control, access methods settings, Guest accounts updates, extraordinary analytics and reports, easy network expansion.

It supports WiFi Access Points of the leading network brands: Aruba, Cisco, Ruckus, Ubiquity, Tp-Link, Mikrotik, Cradlepoint, D-Link, Asus, Meraki, Icomera, Open-Mesh, etc.

This means you don’t need to buy new hardware – simply apply our WiggleOS firmware to your existing Hardware and connect.



Upon accessing your WiFi network, a welcome page automatically translated into the Guests preferred language pops up on a device. You can easily customise the welcome page by setting the logo and background and the ways in which your Guests can access the Internet.

The Guest may select the one of the connection methods you choose to offer, like user login or social login and start using WiFi. Once logged-in, they may be redirected to view their desired website or your web/facebook page.

You can display static or video commercials prior to the Guest logging in and

Each connected device is limited by download and upload speed, available bandwidth transfer, time allowance, so you can ensure excellent WiFi experience for all your users.

Having logged in, the customer can be sent a welcome email containing the basic information about your AirBNB, with information about local attractions included.



Your WiFi network is the perfect channel to gather the opinions of your customers.

Gather valuable information about your customers, which can used for marketing purposes and to improve the quality of your services.

Surveys can be displayed on the initial login page, or sent in an email after a pre-defined time interval.

All the data are instantly available and are provided to you as legible analytics, without any paperwork.

Automatically follow up Guest surveys and remind them to post their comments on TripAdvisor and and to rate you directly on AirBNB.



Wigglewifi system allows you to set up one or more video or image ads that will rotate each time when a customer connects to the WiFi. Offset your wifi cost by displaying 3rd party ads. Our experience has shown that local restaurants and attractions are very keen to pay for YOUR advert space.

Video or static image advertisements can be created for individual products, brands or current sales promotions, offering discounts, coupons etc. which can be used immediately in an advertised venue (museum, restaurant or attraction)

For each marketing campaign you will get analytics which includes the number of displayed video advertisements, click through rates, how successful the campaign is, with PDF reports which you can share with the advertiser.



Social Login is a favourite WiFi access method for most customers since it enables them to log in to the Internet in just a few clicks, without any personal data required/ without entering any data.

Social WiFi is a powerful tool by means of which you can offer free WiFi to your Guests, and gather customers personal data that you can later use for marketing purposes.

When a Guest logs in to the system, there might be a message made public to their friends and followers on a social network, thus enabling you to reach new potential customers.